Friday, November 25, 2005

Tenth Lesson

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty — power is ever stealing from the many to the few…. The hand entrusted with power becomes … the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity."

-WENDELL PHILLIPS, speech in Boston, Massachusetts, January 28, 1852


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ninth Lesson

Michael Ledeen's Public Lies

In the same manner as Goebbels, Michael Ledeen is an influential man. He says things and pushes things through the media and through channels in DC that 'get around'. In the 1970's he was a founder of JINSA, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, which gave us the term "shock and awe" as a descriptor of the pain and misery being inflicted on the Iraqi people by the American military.

Ledeen posts as 'MLedeen' on Free Republic, a GOP website run by a fellow named Jim Robinson (see Ledeen's posting history on Free Republic). Two posts on Free Republic by Ledeen are indicative of the way he operates.

On September 11, 2001 at 6:26am PDT (9:26 EDT, or 24 minutes after the South Tower of WTC was hit and 9 minutes before the Pentagon was hit), Ledeen posted this on Free Republic:


To: BigWaveBetty

Saddam's revenge
11 posted on 09/11/2001 6:26:38 AM PDT by MLedeen

He never retracted or corrected his public lie.

On April 2, 2003, 13 days after the invasion of Iraq and one week before Baghdad was captured, Ledeen posted this on Free Republic:


To: JohnHuang2

i have been told there are wmd under the shrine of Ali, deep under ground. we'll see.
3 posted on 04/02/2003 7:10:02 AM PST by MLedeen

Again, another public lie never retracted.

Were Ledeen just another Free Republic poster, this disinformation wouldn't matter. As it is, Free Republic is seen and read by tens of thousands of people, many in the media and in official Washington. I suppose we should thank Ledeen for leaving a public record of his lies so we know what he's all about.

He is one of the ideological architects of the War on Terror, after all.

NINTH LESSON: When someone publicly worships Machiavelli, we can be reasonably certain that the public good is not part of their agenda.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Eighth Lesson

The Muddy Footprints of Michael Ledeen

"One of the most dangerous of these 'bad teachers' is Michael Ledeen, promoter of the the idea of 'universal fascism'. These days he does not stop threatening war against Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, and has evidently been chosen once more by the establishment to manipulate institutions and threaten those who oppose his dangerous and wicked madness. On the other hand, Ledeen has a long history of interference in Italy's strategic choices. During the Moro case he was among those "most suspected" of having misled the enquiries, with the collaboration of the "bretheren" of the P2. It was wondered and it is still wondered why the Italian magistrates do not carry out adequate enquiries about him and his work".

In 1990, Berlusconi was found guilty of perjury for denying his membership P-2. Ledeen is a keen enthusiast of Berlesconi and his 'clear eyed' government.


EIGHTH LESSON: It is also wondered why American magistrates do not carry out adequate enquiries about him and his work.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Seventh Lesson

"Guiding spirit" of Nuremberg trials was part of the Freud family

Historical trivial pursuit...

Edward Bernays is called by many the "father of public relations", though it's my opinion he's more the progenitor of modern spin. He called his activities the "engineering of consent". Bernays was also Sigmund Freud's nephew, a link that he ceaselessly used in his business as a method of promoting himself. He perfected much of his techniques during World War I, crafting propaganda for for the U.S. Committee on Public Information in the Foreign Press Bureau. After the War, he was part of the official press office for the Versailles Peace Conference.

In 1919, he founded his PR biz "Edward L. Bernays Publicity Direction". His first clients were the American Civil Liberties Union, the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropies, the Lithuanian National Council and the United States War Department.

His brother-in-law, Murray Bernays*, was hired as one of his first employees. Murray did research and writing for the company. Later, Murray became a successful attorney in New York City.

As noted below, Murray is credited with being "the guiding spirit leading the way to Nuremberg".

...By the end of July, he [Edward Bernays] also realized he could afford to rent his own three-room office on the fifth floor of an old building at 19 East 48th Street. He calculated his first month's expenses for rent and furniture at $1,357. And his first employee, Fleischman, was a bargain at $50 a week. She quickly helped him hire a secretary, a mail clerk, an office boy, and his brother-in-law Murray C. Bernays, who was paid $75 a week to do research and some writing.[22]

...Note 22: Bernays, Biography of An Idea, 193-94; interview with Edward L. Bernays, October 29, 1989, Cambridge, Mass. *Murray Bernays, born Murray Cohen, married Bernays's sister Hella in 1917 and shortly afterwards had his name legally changed to Murray C. Bernays to keep his wife's family name alive. Edward Bernays had said he would never marry, and all his siblings were female. Murray Bernays was divorced from Hella Bernays in 1924 but kept her last name. See "Murray Bernays, Lawyer, Dead; Set Nuremberg Trials Format," New York Times undated clipping (probably 1970s), box III:6, Edward L. Bernays Papers, LC.

Learning to Swim Skillfully in Uncharted Waters:
Doris E. Fleischman, 1913-1922

...Two Jewish officers in the US Army -- Lieutenant Colonel Murray Bernays and Colonel David "Mickey" Marcus -- played key roles in the Nuremberg enterprise. In the words of historian Robert Conot, Bernays was "the guiding spirit leading the way to Nuremberg." Bernays, a successful New York attorney, persuaded US War Secretary Henry Stimson and others to accept the idea of putting the defeated German leaders on trial.

Marcus, a fervent Zionist, became the "number three man in making American policy" in occupied Germany. As chief of the US government's War Crimes Branch in 1946 and 1947, he selected almost all of the judges, prosecutors and lawyers for the Nuremberg NMT Trials. (He later became a commander of Zionist "Haganah" military forces in Palestine.)

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust by Mark Weber


SEVENTH LESSON: "The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one."

Sixth Lesson

The "Neocons": From the Cold War to the "Global Intifada", By Leon T. Hadar

April 1991, Page 27:

Israel became one of the most important elements on the agenda of the neoconservative coalition that emerged as a counterforce after the 1972 victory of the McGovern forces in the Democratic Party. In 1968 the neocons backed the late Senator Hubert Humphrey from Minnesota for president. In 1972, they mobilized their support behind the late Senator Henry Jackson from Washington. Both Humphrey and Jackson represented staunch anti-Soviet and pro-Israeli positions in the party.

Senator Jackson's aides, Richard Perle and Elliott Abrams, who later became major figures in the Reagan foreign policy team, attempted to torpedo any effort by the Nixon and Carter administrations to improve relations with the Soviet Union or to launch peace efforts in the Middle East. From Jackson's office, the two led the campaign to use the issue of Jewish immigration from the Soviet Union to sabotage detente between Washington and Moscow.The result was Jackson-sponsored legislation denying the Soviet Union a "most favored nation" status unless it permitted increased Jewish emigration. Ironically, that move not only froze the Nixon-era detente, it also froze the emigration of Soviet Jews."



Who is Friend and who is Foe,
Depends on the who telling you so.

Fifth Lesson

Chicago Daily Tribune
March 25, 1876
pg. 4

In that wonderful picture of human life which Goethe has drawn from the legend of Faust, the poet has painted a financial episode in the second part of the tragedy, the particular features of which will be applicable for all time.

In the first act, Faust and his Satanic companion Mephistopheles, who is the inventor of paper money, appear at the Court of the German Emperor. The realm is in a ruinous condition, and the situation affords Mephistopheles an opportunity of securing power for Faust by the introduction of the financial system which is now so desperately urged by by Kelley and his rag-baby* followers.

The Court officials are gathered about the Emperor. The Chancellor complains of the decline of justice and the increase of plunderers; that lawlessness is upheld by law, and that "the man of good intent to flatterer and briber bendeth." The General-in-Chief complains of discords, mutinies and devastation of the realm. The Treasurer complains that the allies have not contributed their promised subsidies, and that "the strong box is void indeed." The Lord High Steward complains that he is always trying to be economical, but is ever greater in need, that the Court is short of wine, and that the Jews will have him "past all chances."

The Emperor, in despair, appeals to Mephistopheles, who shows that only money is lacking; that the earth is full of gold, and that as the earth is the Emperor's he has only to take hoe and spade and bring it to the light. The Emperor is disgusted with this proposition and demands that Mephistopheles shall procure him money.

Thereupon Mephistopheles, with his diablerie, sets upon foot a grotesque carnival masquerade, and after the mad revel is over, to the Emperor's astonishment, money is plenty. The Lord High Steward is safe from the Jews, and has blunted the usurers' claws. The General pays up his arrears. The Treasurer's box is running over. The Devil has created paper money, and the Treasurer thus informs the astonished Emperor how the transformation was effected:

Remember! Thou this note did undersign,
Last night, indeed. Thou stood as mighty Pan,
And thus the Chancellor's speech, before thee, ran:
"Grant to thyself the festival pleasure, then
The people's good - a few strokes of the pen!"
These did thou give; they were ere night retreated,
By skillful conjurers thousandfold repeated;
And, that a like advantage all might claim,
We stamped at once the series with they name.
Tens, thirties, fifties, hundreds are prepared,
Thou cans't not think how well the folk have fared.
Behold thy town, healf dead once and decaying,
How all alive, enjoying life, are straying!
Although thy name long since the world made glad,
Such currency as now it never had.

The Lord High Steward informs the Emperor that the currency was scattered everywhere; that the note was accepted for its worth in gold and silver; and that the people at once commenced feasting and reveling. Even the Devil himself grows merry over his new currency, it is so handy, and the Emperor orders everyone to do as he royally pleases. Even the Court Fool rejoices that he shall be a landed owner, and Mephistopheles sneeringly says to himself, "Who now ill doubt that this, one fool, has wit."

All goes swimmingly for a time, but at last comes the logical conclusion of the shinplaster madness. In the third act, Mephistopheles, upon the eve of battle between the rival Emperors, tells Faust:

...He did enjoy, even he!
Meanwhile the realm was torn by anarchy,
Where great and samll were warring with each other,
And brother drove and slaughtered brother.
Castle to castle, town 'gainst town arrayed,
The nobles and the guild of trade,
The Bishop, with his chapter and congregation -
All meeting eyes but looked retaliation.
In churches, death and murder; past the gates,
The merchants traveled under evil fates;
And all grew bolder, since no rule was drawn
For life, but self-defense! - So things went on.

The Devil having invented irredeemable paper money for the Emperor, and plunged him into all his troubles, takes pity upon him and rescues him. Mephistopheles' system is a fair exposition of the modern inflation business. The poet has painted a picture which has always been true in the past, which will always be true in the future, but the way of escape in the poetical creation is not available in real life.

If the people of the country avail themselves of the Devil's system of currency, the Devil himself will not get them out of the troubles that must flow from it.


*rag-baby - Mid-19th century term referring to the general type of money we use today, specifically the 'Federal Reserve Note'.

FIFTH LESSON: We've availed ourselves of the Devil's currency system since 1913.

Fourth Lesson

Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism: A Scientific, Mathematical & Historical Expose, Critique, and Manifesto

Vladimir Z. Nuri, 15 March 2002

PDF link, 62 pages.

FOURTH LESSON: You're not the only one catching on to the con game.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Third Lesson

Demand For Monetary Reform in England: 1943 Letter By Nobel Laureate Frederick Soddy

The following letter was written and sent in 1943. It was addressed to His Excellency, Most Reverend William Godfrey, the Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain, and to the Anglican Archbishops of Canterbury, York and Wales and to other ecclesiastical dignitaries in Britain.

It's signed by 32 people, a Nobel Laureate and two aviation pioneers among them.

Your Grace,

(1) We, all of British blood and descent, having studied the fundamental causes of the present world unrest, have long been forced to the conclusion that an essential first step towards the return of human happiness and brotherhood with economic security and liberty of life and conscience, such as will permit the Christian ethic to flourish again is the immediate resumption by the community in each nation of its prerogative over the issue of money including its modern credit substitutes.

(2) This prerogative has been usurped by those still termed in general "banker", both national and international, who have perfected a technique to enable themselves to create the money they lend by granting of bookkeeping credits, and to destroy it by the withdrawal of the latter at their discretion, in accordance with entirely mistaken and obsolete ideas which they do not defend against impartial and informed scientific criticism and examination. In this way, a form of national money debt has been invented, in which the lender surrenders nothing at all; and which is physically an impossibility for the community ever to pay. Any attempt to do so produces the artificial "economic blizzard", as it did after the 1914-18 war.

(3) This has led to the gradual rise of a form of national, international and supra-national power, dominating through its monopolisaton of the National social credit all the basic creative activities of mankind. Thus, in this as in other countries, it has become impossible to obtain publication in the press, or to broadcast on the radio, the truth concerning this economic enslavement which holds the peoples of the world in thrall.

(4) Under the world's present financial system the money, except for a now trifling portion, is originally created by the issue of a loan at interest by the "bankers", who lend nothing of themselves but in effect make a forced levy in kind on the Nation by conferring on the borrower the power to purchase a corresponding amount of wealth on the market, which wealth does not belong to them, or those who borrow from them, but to the community. The proceeds of the issue of new money - whether of paper or any other form of credit money - belong to the Nation in which it is, or is accepted as, legal tender, and not to the issuer. Herein lies the basic flaw of the existing monetary system.

(5) By this method, which has come to be regarded as legal by virtue of established practice, the banks in our country are responsible for the issue of new money of their own creation amounting today to between two and three thousand million pounds - this being the difference between loans extended, including those to themselves, and those repaid since they instituted the system a number of years ago - and are thereby extracting by means of interest an annual tribute from the Nation of over £100,000,000 for what has now become to them a relatively costless and riskless service. But the real danger, well understood in every preceding era of history, is the undermining of all lawfully constituted authority by the creation and destruction of money carried on in secret for private gain and the acquisition of power.

(6) All forms of government, whether conservative, liberal or labour, fascist, socialist or communist, fall alike under the control of a political Power Group, which is ultimately, and in large measure unwittingly, dominated by the Money Creators and Manipulators. In this way the national political power, which, if the individual is to enjoy the maximum of personal freedom consistent with his duty to his conscience and his fellows, should be distributed throughout the people, has been usurped without their knowledge and consent.

(7) It will be seen that the present monetary system, which by its disregard of primary physical and ethical laws is inevitably destroying the civilisation into which it has been introduced, requires rectification both in the material technique and in the ethics which at present inspire and control this technique. It is particularly in view of its devastating effects in the moral sphere that we have ventured to refer to Ecclesiastical Authority, and to invoke the Churches to action.

(8) We therefore appeal to you in your position of great authority and influence to proclaim the truth to the Nation on this subject and in the hope that you may see fit to disseminate as widely as possible the text of this statement, whereby this vitally important question may be brought to the light of day and earnestly enquired into by the peoples of the British Commonwealth.

(9) We do so in all Christian fellow-feeling, knowing and honouring the efforts you are making against the abuses of our present economic system and the evils of usury, and believing that the world is now in the gravest crisis of its history. The issue of new money by the money-lender is an unforeseen result of the modern cheque as a substitute for national money _ a valuable invention which in itself was undoubtedly social and benevolent in intention and effect. If the cheque system were corrected, as it can be simply corrected, to restore to the nations their rightful prerogative over the issue of money, there is every reason to retain it. We fully appreciate the services which banking organisations have rendered and can continue to render to the community. But the issue and destruction of money by the money-lender is not a service, but a weapon which can be and has been unsed to perpetuate poverty amidst abundance, which renders individuals and nations powerless to protect themselves, and which may even be perverted to serve vast designs for the complete subjugation of the human race to tyranny, exploitation and the powers of darkness and evil.

(A.M.I.E.E., Research Engineer, Inventor of the Norman Thompson Flying Boat, 1914, and other developments in aviation and in mechanical propulsion; Originator of this appeal)

(M.A., LL.D., F.R.S, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1921; pioneer in the Economics of Wealth, author of Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt (1926), Money versus Man (1931), Role of Money (1934))

(D.S.O., O.B.E., Lt. Col; Chairman, The Farmer's Action Council; Advisory Chairman, The Service for Economic Action)

(Kt., author of The Root of All Evil)

(F.R.S.A.; inventor of the Hargrave Automatic Navigator for Aircraft (1937); Economic Advisor to the Planning Commission of HM Govt. of Alberta (1936-7); Founder and Leader of the Social Credit Party of GB)

(Industrialist, Birmingham and London; President, Comite International de Echanges, Paris; Chairman, Econ. and Monetary Joint Council, London; Anglo-American Comm. World Trade Alliance)

(Mechanical and Mining Engineer; Knowles Gold Medallist; inventor of the Oil-from-Coal Process and Plant)

(Kt., O.B.E., F.R.Ae.S., M.I.Ae.E.; Aviation Pioneer)

(M.I.E.E.; Inventor of Automatic Sorting of Heavy Goods)

(ed. note: Also signed by 24 other authors, MPs, economists, businessmen and other notables of the day).


THIRD LESSON: The Moneychangers were quite humiliated when Jesus booted them from the Temple. To avoid further humiliation, they've engaged in a campaign of Temple camouflage and a generations long education program of "USURY: GOOD FOR YOU, BETTER FOR US!"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First Lesson

Stephen was the first Christian martyr, stoned to death by the Sanhedrin about a year after the murder of Jesus. The Sanhedrin were obviously rather annoyed at what he had to say. I suspect that they've reconvened in Jerusalem after all these centuries to stone a few more loudmouths to death.

Francis of Assisi was told, "Go, Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin". He was called insane by his peers. He loved songs. He didn't give a damn what the world thought of him. He detested money, discord and strife. He talked to anybody from any station. My kinda guy. It's a good thing half my name is taken from him.

First Lesson: Stephen Francis is named well, even if he has given up on what passes for 'The Church" these days.

Acts 7:43: " took up the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Remphan, the images that you made to worship."

Second Lesson

"The execution of the sinners was necessary to confirm Moses’ authority.”

-Michael Ledeen, author of screeds and co-author of the smash-hit, "The War on Turr" (quote taken from Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli’s Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago (Truman Talley Books (St. Martin’s Press), 1999)


Michael Ledeen has been hanging around Washington, DC for many years now. He was involved in the Iran arms scandal of the 1980's, is now involved in the Niger yellowcake forgery scandal - along with some shady Iranians, Iraqis, Israelis and Italians (how he manages to keep his job, I'll never know) - and is pushing quite hard for a US attack on Iran.

Those malefactions are just scratching the surface.

Michael Ledeen reminds us about terrorists and Islamofascists with great alarm and frequency (he may have even coined the word Islamofascist). If one of his beloved Islamofascists said, "The execution of the sinners was necessary to confirm Mohammed’s authority", could we tell the difference between Ledeen and the Islamofascists?

Or is it only our neo-fascists that are kosher?

Second Lesson: WWII did not defeat Fascism. It only gave it a home across the ocean.

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